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Agora Episode 2: 2011/2012 Mayoral Elections Interviews [TWC TV]

Episode 2 of The Warragul Citizen’s Agora chat and interview program, covering the 2011/2012 Mayoral Elections.

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Interviews with re-elected Baw Baw Shire Council Mayor Diane Blackwood, newly elected Deputy Mayor Tricia Jones and outgoing Deputy Mayor Tony Wolfe.

Transcript is being developed.


[Host] Hello and welcome to Agora, The Warragul Citizen’s online interview and current affairs show, I’m William Kulich.

[Host] The Baw Baw Shire Council Mayoral elections were held today, with Warragul Ward Councillor Diane Blackwood holding onto the top job and Drouin Ward Councillor Tricia Jones taking over the deputy position from Warragul’s Tony Wolfe.

[Host] Both candidates were elected unopposed. In her election response speech, Councillor Blackwood explained that the decision had been made prior to the election meeting.

[Host] I interviewed Councillor Blackwood at the Civic Reception after the event.


[Host] The position of Deputy Mayor is in its third year – a non-statutory position responsible for filling in when the Mayor is away. In previous elections the deputy has become the Mayor.

[Host] I interviewed incoming Deputy Tricia Jones about how she felt about taking the position.

[Host] To clarify a question I asked toward the end of this interview, Councillor Blackwood noted in her speech that she felt Warragul and Drouin Ward councillors were “not as active in [their] community groups as [they] would like to be.” Councillor Jones disagrees.


[Host] I also talked briefly to outgoing Deputy Tony Wolfe about the break in the short tradition of the Deputy becoming the Mayor.


[Host] That’s all from Agora this time.

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